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Welcome to my homepage


My name is Emese Zörényi and I live in Hechingen.

My hobbies are making crocheted toys. I also enjoy sewing textile goods with embroidered motifs. My products are made with care and love. The basic materials are carefully selected, the quality of the wool and threads is the focus. Many of my products are prefabricated, but you can also order goods individually according to your ideas. That's how it is, for example. For example, you can choose your favorite motif from a large selection of embroidery patterns, which I will then sew onto your pillow, towel or a textile product you have selected.

Not everyone likes shopping on the Internet, many people like to hold the goods in their hands.


I take part in several markets in the region so that you can get to know me personally and see my goods in your hands. I like personal encounters, so I hope we can see each other at one of the markets.



What we do is take the order, we embroider the textiles with the pattern. We accept individual orders, which are stored in a digital form for possible future ordering.


I use the excellent embroidery machine from "brother".


These embroidery machines have been the upper standard internationally for many years and enable the best and most precise embroidery.


I work with high-quality yarns that ensure brilliant colors.

The prices do not include the prices of the textiles!

But I would also like to embroider any textile that you may bring. to send.

We refine:

-bags, backpacks


-Sweat, polo, T-shirts



- Terry towels of all kinds (towels, bathrobes, etc.)


The shipping costs are your responsibility.

This is a small company so the prices are exclusive of sales tax!

Approximate price guide value table for machine embroidery:

The unique motif program costs (one time) €30.00

from 15 pieces €15.00

                                Please contact me if you have any questions.

I'm looking forward to your visit!

             Give friends the gift of our products

"If you want to be happy in life, contribute to other people's happiness, because the joy we give returns to your own heart."

"Johann Wolfgang von Goethe"

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