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The prices do not include the prices of the textiles!


We accept individual orders, which are stored in a digital form for possible future ordering.


But I am also happy to embroider a piece of fabric that you bring or send me.

We refine:

-bags, backpacks


-Sweat, polo, T-shirts



-Terry cloth products of all kinds (towels, bathrobes, etc.)



The shipping costs are your responsibility.


This is a small company so the prices are exclusive of sales tax!

Approximate price guide table for machine embroidery:

letter or number

0-3cm high 

Stick-01 from €3 / piece


letter or number

3-5cm high

Stick-02 from €5 / piece

Embroider names 

Height 1.5cm Length 10cm 

Stick-03 from €7 / piece

The unique motif program costs (once)30,00,- €

from 15 pieces €20.00


Information about creating an embroidery program

We have to convert your logo into an embroidery program on the computer in advance. The individual contours and surfaces are processed in great detail on the screen - a process called 'punching'. Punching is crucial to the quality of your embroidery and requires years of experience and great expertise. The costs of punching or creating the embroidery program depend on the complexity of your logo. Since the embroidery program can be used again for subsequent orders, program costs only apply to your first order.

Individual embroidery price on request!

Please contact me if you have any questions.

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We look forward to a possible collaboration.

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